Hosts Mat Bradley-Tschirgi and William Thrasher discuss The Hangover Part 2 from 2011. Once again directed by Todd Phillips, The Hangover Part 2 is largely a remake of the first film taking place in Thailand instead of Las Vegas. This time around, the crew searches high and low for Teddy (Mason Lee), Stu's new brother-in-law. There's a notable cameo in the film from character actor Paul Giamatti as an undercover agent.

Mat enjoys the Larry McMurtry TV Western miniseries Dead Man's Walk, particularly its supporting cast which includes Edward James Olmos, F. Murray Abraham, and Brian Dennehy. It's first of two prequel miniseries to Lonesome Dove; the other one is Comanche Moon. Thrasher catches the final episode of Powerless which has a fun cameo from the late Adam West. He also has been enjoying the X-Men spin-off show Legion

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