February 20, 2018 Superman 3 (1983) (47 - Sequelcast 2)

Hosts Mat Bradley-Tschirgi and William Thrasher discuss Superman 3. Director Richard Lester returns from his work on the theatrical cut of Superman 2 to helm Superman 3 and leans more heavy into comedy this time around. An earlier screenplay for Superman 3 had Braniac and Mister Mxyzptlk as the villains, but after Richard Pryor did an extended routine on the Superman movies on The Johnny Carson Show, the script was rewritten to focus more on Pryor.

Gus (Richard Pryor) is unemployed in Metropolis, but finds out he's a latent computer whiz. Greedy multimillionaire Ross (Robert Vaughn) hires Gus to help with his nefarious scheme. Superman (Christopher Reeve) has to save the day once again. We get some nice moments with Clark Kent reuniting with Lana (Annette O'Toole), an old high school friend back in Smallville. Other highlights of the film are Bad Superman fighting against Clark Kent in a junkyard, and Gus acting drunk with a security guard to gain access to a computer terminal. Too bad the plot's too complicated, most of the jokes don't land, and the pacing's damn horrendous.

Mat found parts of Gilbert, a new documentary on comedian and podcaster Gilbert Gottfried directed by Neil Berkeley, to be moving. It's a personal look at his life and career. He caught The Disaster Artist in the theater and found it to be agreeable. It's a comedic look at the making of The Room, an infamous low budget drama that became a cult comedy favorite due to its poor writing and stilted line delivery. James Franco's loose directing helps capture the ramshackle feel of the movie it's about. Don't watch The Disaster Artist without watching The Room first. 

Thrasher has been working his way through the Harry Potter films again and found Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix to be his new favorite of the series. He also liked a rare Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode on the flick Robot Holocaust.

Listen to this episode while wearing an oversized cowboy hat and drinking bourbon for maximum enjoyment.

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