Time Zone (1982)

Hosts Mat Bradley-Tschirgi and Thrasher discuss Time Zone (Hi-Res Adventure #5). Save the world by traveling through time.

A magnum opus of sorts for Roberta Williams, Time Zone originally shipped on six double sided floppies with a retail price of $99. Sales were poor and so was the gameplay. Sierra would later gain infamy in the 1990s for shipping a game on a lot of discs (CDs this time) with Phantasmagoria's 7 CD-ROMs! 

Time Zone proves that just because you want to be ambitious doesn't mean you should. You can travel in several different time periods in several different continents. Players can travel through over 1,000 screens, each with unique artwork. Puzzles are pretty nonsensical at times, and the rusty text parser once again isn't up to the job of making the game a bit more forgiving of the player's inputs. This is a great concept for a game, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired! 

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